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    Beauty should be good for you

    Feb,23 2020 - Burlington Public Library

    There is no concealing the latest trend in the cosmetics industry, clean beauty but what does that mean? The beauty industry is built on secrets.  It is basically a self governed industry. Companies can make claims on their products saying they are natural or safe when they may or may not actually be. There is no regulation on what these words mean. Everyone deserves the right to know what they are putting on their skin and in their bodies. The European Union currently bans over 1400 potentially harmful chemicals from their beauty products, the United States currently bans 30. We are far behind the times and its time to do something about that.  Come find out what this lack of regulation means for you and your loved ones, what ingredients to avoid, how to shop safer, and what is being done to increase the regulation of this billion dollar industry and the transparency of potentially harmful chemicals hidden within ingredient labels.


Judy Shoobe
Doctor of Osteopathy

Judy Shoobe grew up in Albany NY. The daughter of physicians, Judy has always been interested in health and disease prevention.  After graduating from the College Of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, Des Moines IA she completed a Residency in Pediatrics at Thomas Jefferson University, a Fellowship in Community Pediatrics and Child Advocacy at the Children’s Health Fund in NYC and practiced Pediatric and Osteopathic Medicine for >20yrs.

Subsequently Judy decided to pursue assisting people achieve optimal health through prevention and addressing the root cause of disease.  A certified health coach studying functional medicine, Judy is working on her Functional Medicine practice, an allergen free bakery and healthful cooking classes.  In addition, she markets Clean-Crafted (toxin-free) wine with Scout & Cellar.

Her mission is to provide people with the highest level of information, resources and care as they strive to achieve their best health.

Contact info: vines2winejs@gmail.com, 917-549-5493



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