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Welcome to the Wholistic Health Alliance! Let us join hands in making our communities healthier!!

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We are not just a Directory!! We are an intimate body of holistic practitioners and members from the community, committed to bringing health and wellness information and tools to the masses.

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Welcome to the Wholistic Health Alliance! Let us all join hands in making our communities healthier!!

Welcome to the Wholistic Health Alliance! If you feel aligned with our Mission and Vision, please consider joining us. To join: click register/login and follow the prompts. Next, log in, click Join WHA, and select your membership level of choice. Finally, create a profile, click submit, pay (if it applies), and you are all set.

Our Patrons

WHA Annual Summer Picnic

22 Aug 2020 at 9am – 2pm

PLEASE JOIN with Family and Friends. There are loads of activities for Kids and Adults!!
- Games
- Kite Flying - bring your own; limited supply for sale will be available
- Kids Activities
- Yoga
- Dance
- Other live demos

Stay tuned for more details!

WHA Member Supporter Dinner #18

Burlington, MA, USA
17 Sep 2020 at 6:00pm – 9:30pm

Welcome to our 18th Member and Supporter Dinner!!
A holistic nutritious dinner will be provided.

6-7 pm - Settle down, grab dinner and say hello
7-8.30 - Round Table - 2-3 minutes intro per practitioner; discussion, interaction
You can come in at any point :)

WHA member dinners are an excellent opportunity to meet, connect, learn, share, support, collaborate in the most comfortable cozy intimate stress free environment!!

Camron Adibi

Outdoor Coach and Guide

412.600.5061 cfadibi@gmail.com


11 Pleasant Street, Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA - 1945

I help people connect with horses through mounted or unmounted work. I can help clients find more internal resources than they knew they had, strengthen coping skills, practice asking for and receiving help, and begin to regain a sense of control. The emphasis is not the end result. The goal is to be present and learn by doing. Some sessions are simply grooming and walking with the horse.