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    Wholistic Health Alliance 4th Open House

    Oct,14 2017 - Jenks Center, 109 Skillings Rd, Winchester, MA 01890

    Say hello to your local holistic community,Meet, network, forge connections, Add healthful tools to your wellness kit
    Get introduced to  new vendors, businesses and practitioners, Drop in activity sessions with our holistic experts
    Enjoy free gifts,  samples, tastings,  services, discount vouchers and MORE..

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    Eat right, Live bright

    Jul,23 2017 - 27 Intervale Road, Brookline, MA 02467


    We are excited to launch the series with WHA Youth Brigade member Ilina Shah sharing select healthy recipes. More details on our website abd Facebook page.


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    Transformation Stories Night

    May,18 2017 - Bedford Recreation Center, 12 Mudge Way, Bedford, MA 01730

    Wholistic Health Alliance is proud to bring the powerful and inspiring stories of three people who turned their illness around and transformed
    their lives completely using holistic or integrative solutions.Seating is LIMITED.  RSVP (email us) today to Reserve your seat. More details on calendar...



Danielle Schertzer
Personal Chef

I have worked as a personal chef for the last 15 years. How many times have I met younger women without cooking skills, unable to be organized in a kitchen because nobody taught them? Years ago, as the US women’s liberation movement was gaining strength, cooking became a burden not necessary to learn. The food industry, very self-consciously stepped in. “We’ll take care of it; we’ve got you covered” was their answer. And they came with fast food and processed food. Restaurants invented take-outs. Why cook dinner at home when a phone call could take care of the “what’s for dinner” question? The damage was done. The undermining of home cooking was successful. 
But how can you be fully in charge of your food if you don’t cook? Do you know which ingredients are used in your take-outs? Have you read all the nutrition labels of the processed foods supposed to save you so much time?
Food is medicine and cooking your own meals is the best way to maintain or regain your health. Cooking is providing for yourself. 
I see my cooking classes as the “first step” in the movement of restoring the respectability of cooking. I love to teach the basics, how to shop, how to plan menus, how to organize a kitchen.  Cooking is not a burden. It is a life skill that every man, woman and child should master.

Danielle Schertzer
Cooking Classes by Everyday Bistro




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We are not merely a Directory!! We are an intimate body of holistic practitioners and members from the community, determined to bring about a change in the way healthcare is practiced and delivered.