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    Motherhood Matters, Youth Brigade Health Fair

    Feb,04 2018 - Academy of Creative Arts, 12 A Street, Burlington, MA

    WHA is holding this event to provide an informal interactive discussion platform where we will begin the initial dialogue around the tools, solutions and support for mothers. Second half will showcase a Health Fair presented by our Youth Brigade. More details on our calendar and here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1968173703453447/

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    8th WHA Members and Supporters Dinner

    Mar,21 2018 - 79 Laconia Street, Lexington, MA

    Our next Members and Supporters Dinner will be hosted at our dear Suraja Menon Roychowdhury's lovely home!!
    For all those whom Thursdays did not work, please note - this one is on a Wednesday :) 
    Please save the date and RSVP early on.

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    The Invisible Work of Motherhood

    Mar,08 2018 - Carey Memorial library; Lexington, MA

    Wholistic health alliance is honored to partner with About Motherhood and True Story Theater to present an unusual event: the live enactment of each participant’s true story of her work as a mother that remains invisible. 

    Audience will be MOTHERS ONLY. Come tell your story/hear others tell theirs. 


Pallavi Atale
Yoga practitioner, ServSafe certified cook

My name is Pallavi Atale. I live in Lexington MA. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. I have worked in that field for several years. Alongside, have acquired Yoga training certification and have been practicing Yoga for more than a decade now. Very recently, I have started meditating daily. Apart from practicing yoga and meditation, I have a passion for cooking. I sincerely believe that what we eat is what we are. So it is very essential to eat nutritious food. At the same time, it should not lack taste. So I try to seek a balance in between the two, nutrition and taste. I love to experiment a lot by using various ingredients in my food and enhance its nutritive value, making sure that the food is wholesome and always fresh, real food. I am ServSafe certified.

Contact no:- 9784355490




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We are not merely a Directory!! We are an intimate body of holistic practitioners and members from the community, determined to bring about a change in the way healthcare is practiced and delivered.